Corey Smale



Made my name against the grain. Started writing and sold other people's stuff. Went out on my own, from donuts to dumplings, and now I'm working on me. Still having fun. Still here.







A blessing and a curse; crippling for too many years. Finding my rhythm. Helping others, too. Life before work cuz that's where I'm at and wanna be. Looking to align with like-minded people and places. Family before fortune. Culture before concepts. Each and every time.







2016-Current, Good Fortune, FOUNDER

Good Fortune is my best work yet. I left a lot behind and invested everything in people. We traveled the country together and spent two years getting it right. Now we're here and I wouldn't do it any other way.



I got high and started Strange in my Dogtown apartment in 2012 with no money and endless ambition. Raised 12 grand on Kickstarter and kept pushing. The 13th bank said yes after reading about us in St. Louis Magazine (thanks George!). Opened three locations in two cities, made it in Fast Company, started a non-profit, and at one time were in St. Louis Cardinals, Blues, and Rams stadiums. Feast Magazine summed it up best. What a wild ride. Learned a lot. Started putting the product first.

2008-2013, COPYWRITER

I got a ton of experience in a short amount of time working for some of the best in Chicago and St. Louis. A week after I graduated college I went on tour with Coca-Cola and Lupe Fiasco. Came back and helped launch Sprite Green with Busta Rhymes. Commonground took a chance and I didn't let em down. Moved back to St. Louis, tried a bunch of shit (see below), ended up at Hoffman Lewis working on McDonald's and sharpened the sword I took to battle with Strange.



Started selling WWF figures in 96 with my parents credit card and my grandma's help (RIP). Lawn Ninjas in 2007 - exactly what it sounds like. Spent 2010-2011 on unemployment and food stamps while featured in AdAge, and launched LOVE Dog Foods & Treats with my wife - the real hero of this story. In 2014 started The Strangehouse with my brother Wes, and finally started another punk band in 2016 called Why Not.


None of this would be possible without the help of Wesley Hoffman, JP Burcks, Cory Miller, Jason Bockman, Liam Springer, Ryan McDonald, Michael Gutelli, and Jerry Garcia.