Corey Smale

Been busy…

Good Fortune, Owner
May 2016 to February 2019

Good Fortune is another level, creatively and conceptually. Invested everything in talented and passionate people. Better defining my role as Owner/Marketer. Featured in Tasting Table’s Best New Restaurants Spring 2018, Departures Magazine Most Anticipated 2018, and AWWWARDS Site of the Day (5/13/18).   

Strange Donuts, Owner
July 2013 to May 2016

Strange Donuts is a phenomenon. I started it in my Dogtown apartment with no money and endless ambition. Raised twelve grand on Kickstarter and kept pushing. The 13th bank said yes after reading about us in St. Louis Magazine (thanks George!). Opened three locations in two cities, made it in Fast Company, started a non-profit, and at one time were in St. Louis Cardinals, Blues, and Rams stadiums. What a wild ride


Before that…

H&L Partners, Copywriter
September 2011 to July 2013

Got good here. Mark Manion was tough, I needed it. Worked with a super talented team of friends on my first TV, billboard, and radio work for McDonald’s; also wrote for Visit Missouri and Explore St. Louis.   

Infuz, Copywriter
October 2009 to October 2010

Hired by Hafiz Huda, the fucking man. Learned a lot about cats, the Internet, and cats on the Internet. Was the only Copywriter, got to touch a ton of work (Nestlé Purina, Charter), and played way too much pinball.


Some other stuff, too.

Started in Chicago on the road with rappers and Coke, spent a year on unemployment and in AdAge, the summer of 98 eBay wrestling figure hustle (RIP Grandma), “start a dog treat company” spring 2011, Back on the road with Warped Tour and The Strangehouse 2017, Why Not start a punk band with Wes 2015, and The Lawn Ninjas (!!!)


None of this happens without the support of friends and fam; especially Stephanie Mattina, Wesley Hoffman, Jason Bockman, JP Burcks, Liam Springer, Ryan McDonald, Cory Miller, Michael Gutelli, and Jerry Garcia.